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Naruto Manga Spoiler 439

Ana peminat Manga Naruto.Buat sahabat yang ada sama minat dengan ana,inilah adalah episod ke 439 yang bakal keluar jumaat ini!Ia keluar 40 jam lebih awal dari official!Let enjoy!



Kyuubi Naruto chases Pain.
Their conversation is nothing but “GUWOOOOOOOOO””
[This next line talks something about the ground, orbs, KN and capture]
(That’s what [i] think Chibaku is)

Nagato: Regardless, the capture of Kyuubi is successful.

Naruto asks himself about peace.
Kyuubi: Unfasten the seal! Entrust your mind completely to me!
The seal on Naruto’s belly is out of place? Naruto is bleeding from his belly.

Yamato: Eight! This is bad! This is REALLY bad!!
Naruto tries to take off the seal on the cage, and then Yondaime appears.

Kyuubi: You!!!

Naruto: Yondaime…Hokage…

Yondaime: I made the seal such that when it’s on the brink of being released I would appear in your mind. Though I don’t want this to happen, because I don’t want to see you again…Kyuubi. But I’m glad to see my grown up son…so things even out.

Minato (Fourth Hokage): But would not hicieses (should refer to the previous bubble that I have not translated)
Indeed, we see us …

Naruto: But …

Minato: Watch as your child grows …
until it almost seems fun

Insya-Allah petang jumaat jam 3pm akan dikeluarkan secara official episod baru naruto manga iaitu 439!!!Tunggu....

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