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Industrial Training : Day 11th - 13th

Industrial Training Report: Day 11th - 13th ……

Enter week 3 of my industrial training, there are some activities:

19th April 2010

• Discuss with supervisor about my training schedule. On the same day, he give me that schedule ad reference for me what particular activity that I need to do every week.

• Get approval from supervisor by checking my stage drawing and stage analysis. He change this project name from Stage Project to 3 Layer Student Stand project. Starting next week, which mean start from 26 April 2010,I can start fabricate the stand.

• Supervisor give me 2 CDs contain of Track System Promo Video and also T-REX Transporter Machine Drawing.

• Sketch the Off-Road Track system on a paper and dimension assumption need to be made.

20th April 2010

• Do researches about Off-Road Mechanism Track System by visit a website that manufacturing this system (

• Make some technical drawing about track. From this, I have refresh my memories how to familiar with technical drawing.

• Meet my supervisor. Our main topic to discuss is what component that I need to draw for my Off-Road Track Project. He asks me to draw the wheel connector and the track. He want me get exact dimension for the components or parts that attached to the axle and shaft. Examples of dimension only take once (front axle).He will ask some technician to help me to open front tire of T-REX Transporter.

21th April 2010

• In the morning, my friends Zakhwan and Ikram help me to open T-REX front tire and I have been supervised by Mr Borhan and Mr Johari. After open it, I take some dimensions needed for my project and Mr Borhan teach some of the component function and how to take the dimension correctly. A day before, I have open a file that contain assemble part of this T-REX transporter and there is no Hub at the front of the axle. So I need to redraw the Hub because this Hub very important. The Hub will be connected to track by adapter. The adapter and track will be manufactured by a company from China and the dimension of adapter and track will be referred to the dimension of Hub.

• Update my industrial training logbook.

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