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Industrial Training: Day 7th

Industrial Training: Day 7th

Alhamdulillah,as a trainer at MPOB,i have been trained by Mr Johari,which has been assigned by management to introduce me about safety and raw material that available in MPOB Mechanical Workshop.

Mr. Johari provides me some notes regarding to subject that I need to learn. In his notes, I learn some types of safety equipment or its common name is Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Some examples of PPE are:

• Ear Plug.

• Automatic Welding Helmet Shade.

• Leather welding apron.

• Gas welding goggles.

• Safety helmet.

• Safety First Aid.

• Welding Head shield.

After safety session, he brings me to workshop store. He introduce me some raw materials that always used by staff when do a project. Some examples of raw materials available are:

• Mild Steel

• Aluminum

• Galvanic

• Fiber

• Polyethylene

• Wood

Also I have learnt some type of material shapes which are:

1. U Shape

2. V Shape

3. Square Hollow

4. Round Hollow

5. Plate

6. Bar

At 2.00 pm,I have tried do stress analysis on my stage assembly drawing but after I still have problem in term of understand what are the steps needed for making stress analysis by using Algro Fempro software. This problem will be referred to some engineers that have experienced using this software.

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