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Industrial Training: Day 8th-10th

Industrial Training: Day 8th-10th

For these 3 days, I just do my work in front of my PC. This is because; my supervisor and other engineers need to attend some meetings at MPOB HQ. So here are some my progress for 3 days:

1. Continue drawing on stage project.

2. Try to solve problem during do analysis by using Algro Fempro software. This problem cannot be solved because of windows error while analysis in progress. So one of engineer name as Encik Abdul Razak Jalani suggests me do the analysis by parts using Inventor.

3. Regularly meet Mr Azwan to discuss further about my stage drawing. He asks me to put holder to the legs of the stage. So I modify my drawing.

4. Ask my supervisor about training schedule so that I know what I need to do for every week.

5. Do dimensioning and analysis to the stage project and print out all documents that related to the stage project.

6. From analysis results, its show that all components/parts needed in stage are exceeds minimum Safety of Factor which is 2.00.So that fabrication can be start on the following week.]

7. Update my Industrial Training Logbook.

Some pictures:

Do analysis on stage drawing
Print out analysis result

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