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Industrial Training : 6TH Day

So this is my second week as a trainer at Malaysia Palm Oil Board.To be a trainer,this is a big challenge for me because i need to learn many things which is not teach during learning process in university.So for the first day in second week of April,here are some activities that i have done:

  1. Pass up my Industrial Logbook to my supervisor,Ir Abdul Rahim Shuib.As conclusion,for my 1st week,i have learnt a lot about palm oil industry and also try to use Autodesk Inventor Professional from basic.

  2. Continue my 1st project drawing which is Stage.I learn how to assemble it.I found that it is easier assemble through Inventor than Pro-E.

  3. Ask Mr Khairuddin (Technician) how to do the stress analysis for my assemble part.He suggested me to use Algor Fempro.
So there are only my activity for my 6th day of industrial training.On Tuesday which mean today,i will make appoinment with my supervisor to know in detailed my training schedule weekly and also learn how to use Algor Fempro.
Assemble process by using Inventor

Prepared by,
Mohamad Khairil Faiz bin Sapari,
ME 079742,
Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

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